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Question about changing a live entry form

Last Updated: Jun 13, 2013 12:43PM PDT
Q: I have two questions about updating an entry form for a challenge that is
in progress:

1. Can I edit questions in a live entry form without losing data for
applications that are submitted or in progress? We have received a
questions from some of our applicants and would like to update the language
in some of the question and answer choices. I wanted to check before
implementing them that this would not result in the loss of any
user-submitted information.

2. I would also like to delete one of the questions, if possible. What
happens to user submissions (with or without data) if I do this?

A: It is okay to make changes to the text of your entry form elements during the competition. Nothing will be lost. However, we do not recommend deleting an entire element. Instead of deleting the element, simply go into the element (set-up > Entry), choose "options," and then under "hide in," click on all three check boxes. Your question will not be seen by judges, public voters, or contestants. You will, however, still be able to see this question in entry forms as an admin in the "Manage Entries" tab.

If the element you're hiding was set as a "required" field. You'll need to into "Options" and change the radio button to "No" under "Required". If you hide an element from contestants that is a required field, users will receive a message that they need complete an item to submit, but will be unable to see that item.

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