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5/25/15 - Enhancements and Fixes

Last Updated: May 22, 2015 09:26AM PDT
 5/25/15 - Enhancements and Fixes
Memorial Day is here, and it’s time for our next deployment!
New Features
  1. Judging Interface Improvements: In order to help judges score entries accurately and efficiently, we have implemented a system that highlights criteria that have not been scored.  In the below screenshot, you will see that the criteria that have not been scored are highlighted a bright blue, as well as the score displaying “NA” in red font.  When there are no highlighted criteria left, a judge will know that he or she has completed scoring the entry.
  1. Binary Scoring: You may have noticed that in the above screenshot, the last criterion appears different than our usual sliders. We are happy to bring you binary scoring – any scoring that contains only two options (Yes/No, Pass/Fail, etc.).  With binary scoring, a judge will make a selection by pushing the appropriate button, which will then darken as below.
To create a binary criterion, your administrator will proceed as usual to the “Add Criterion” section in the desired Scorecard (located in Event Set-Up/Scorecard tab). He or she will select the “Yes/No Buttons” checkbox. This will automatically render the low score as 0 and the high score as 1. The low and high score titles will be what displays within the buttons. Score descriptions will not be available.
  1. Pay Per Submission: Now we will be able to provide an option to users who want to collect entry fees at the point of submission rather than at registration.  We have integrated the platform with Stripe to allow users to pay with credit cards when they submit their entry.  This option is preferable if you:
  • want users to be able to view the entry form and any event documents (rules, judging criteria, etc.) prior to payment, or
  • want to allow users to enter submissions into multiple categories and will need to be able to collect a fee for each entry.
If you have payments enabled on your account, you will see the new Stripe option underneath the Registration Fee tab in Event Set-Up. Please note that you will need to create your own Stripe account. PayPal will remain the option for payments at the time of registration.
Improvements & Bug Fixes
In this new release of Skild, you will also see:
  • Updated and improved French translations
  • Improved multilingual capabilities

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