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9/14/15 - Enhancements and Fixes

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2015 05:11PM PDT
 9/14/15 - Enhancements and Fixes
It’s time for our 3rd quarter deployment of the latest version of Skild. This version will contain new and upgraded features on both the front end and the back end of our system.  This deployment will take place with no interruption to our service – read about our new Zero Downtime model below.
New Features
  1. Custom Team Member Registration Form Builders: For those of you that use Teams in your competition, you will have noticed that the Team Leader and the Team Members registered on different pages. In the past, you would need to have any customization on your Team Member Registration Page done through a request to our engineering department. We are happy to announce that from now on, if you have custom registration forms on your product, you can customize both the Leader and Member Registration form yourself.
As you can see in the screenshot below, the Registration Form tab under “Set Up” now included 2 selection boxes. Both lead to our standard drag-and-drop form builders. Customize your registration pages as you see fit. TIP: Be sure to make fields with the same names bind to the same elements.
 Team Member Custom Registration Image
  1. Automatic Autosave: In previous versions of Skild, the Autosave function in the contestant app needed to be manually turned on by the contestant.  Now, all contestant entries will be automatically saved every 60 seconds. Contestants will see this message appear very briefly as they complete their application:
 Autosave alert image
3. Timeout: To help maintain our high security standards, we have implemented an automatic timeout for all users after 60 minutes of no activity.  After this time, the user will be returned to the event’s main page, where they can log in again to continue their work.
1. Zero Downtime:  You may have noticed that our systems are smoother than ever. We’ve recently upgraded to a load-balancing server that can handle even the most high-volume competitions. This also means that we no longer have to interrupt service to fix a bug or deploy a new version of Skild (like this one!).  In rare instances where we may need to take services offline, we will continue to do so in the late evening to minimize disruption to active events.
2. Public Voting Interface: The improved public voting interface will eliminate confusion for users who vote prior to logging in. As soon as the voter has logged in, either via social media or traditional registration, they will see their vote highlighted. In this use case:
1. User votes
2. User is prompted to log in
3. User will see their vote highlighted as below
public voting improvement screenshot
3. API: Our API is now easier than ever. We’ve created a new API call that combines registration and entry submission together. For more information, please contact your account manager.
If you have any questions regarding any information in this article, please contact us as

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