Team FAQs for Contestants

Last Updated: Dec 11, 2017 12:07PM PST


How do we register our team?


One person from your team should register on the event’s registration page.  This person is considered the “Team Leader” (this role can be changed later). The team leader will then receive an email from the event that contains a link to verify his/her email address. When the link is clicked and the email address verified, the leader will be able to log into the system.


Once inside the system, the Leader will be able to access the “Teams” page. From this page, he or she can invite anyone else to join the team – these people are “Team Members”.  The Team Leader and Team Members may have different permissions, depending on your event administrator’s choices. The Team Leader can transfer his or her role to another team member at any time.  


What if more than one team member already signed up on the main registration page?

Please contact your event administrator and ask them to delete one of you from the system; the remaining person will be the Team Leader. The Team Leader should then invite you.


I was invited to a team but I don’t want to join it. Am I automatically on this team?

No. To be an active member of a team, you must accept the invitation by clicking the link in the email that you were sent.


There’s no more space for me to add someone to my team!

Your administrator may have set a minimum and/or maximum team size. You will not be able to submit your application until you meet the minimum team size (not just invited members, but those who have accepted the invitation) and you will not be able to invite additional members once you reach the maximum team size.


I invited someone but they never responded or accepted. Are they part of my team?


No one can unilaterally add a member to a team or join a team. Both parties must be in agreement that they would like to work together. If you did not accept a request and register as part of a team, you will not be considered a team member. If you asked someone to join but they did not respond, they will not be counted as part of your team.